How Tai Chi Helps Older Adults Avoid The Painful Skin Condition
By Yoshi Kundagawa

Tai Chi for seniors is a martial art that originated in China,
and is normally practiced with the goal of living a long and
healthy life. Because Tai chi is becoming more popular, more
and more senior citizens are getting involved Tai Chi for
seniors and finding that they are living longer and healthier

Prior to Tai Chi being introduced into western countries, the
health benefit was explained through traditional Chinese
medicine, which is not supported by modern medicine. Tradition
Chinese medicine focuses more on the body and healing
mechanisms that come from within, rather than from a
pharmaceutical lab or doctors office. Many scientific studies
have been performed on the art of Tai Chi, and the results were
very favorable.

Some studies have shown that by practicing tai chi for seniors
over a long period of time can promote control of balance,
flexibility, and can even increase the condition of the heart
and cardiovascular system. Tai chi for seniors is also great
because it has shown to reduce pain that could be a result of a
fall in an elderly patient. Tai Chi can also help elderly
patients who may be experiencing arthritis, MS, Parkinson’s,
and even Alzheimer’s. The symptoms of ADHD can be reduced in
adolescents practicing Tai Chi, and one can even burn as many
calories as a skier when practicing the low-impact movements of
this martial art. Tai Chi provides many benefits for people of
all ages, but tai chi for seniors shows the most benefits. For
those who have ever suffered a heart attack, high blood
pressure, or heart surgery, Tai Chi for seniors will be simple
to practice and leave you feeling healthier and happier.

One scientific study showed a significant link between Tai Chi
and a vaccine. A group of healthy adults were giving VARIVAX,
which is the Varicella vaccine, and only half of them
participated in Tai Chi. The Varicella zoster virus causes an
infection and rash referred to as the chicken pox, and if the
virus were to be reactivated it is referred to as shingles. The
study showed that 16 weeks later, those who participated in Tai
Chi on a regular basis had a higher level of immunity to the
zoster than those who did not perform the martial art.
Performing Tai Chi does not directly prevent anyone from
getting shingles, but it does increase the effectiveness of the

Because old age brings along poor health, it is important for
the elderly to participate in an activity to stimulate their
mind as well as their body. Tai Chi for seniors is a perfect
activity, since it is easy to keep up with and has been added
health benefits. Tai Chi is a family oriented martial arts
program, and can keep you living a long and healthy life.

About the Author: Yoshi E Kundagawa is a freelance journalist.
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