By Rohit Chopra

How many times have you dreamed of a tighter, flatter stomach? How many sit-ups have you done in your lifetime? Are you ready to try something new? Pilates training sessions focus a great deal on the muscles surrounding the abdominal area. And since the program works deeply into the core muscles of the body, the result are longer, tighter muscles and a leaner, flatter you. If other exercises have not given you the results you are looking for, Pilates for abs might be worth a try.

Getting Started with Pilates for Abs

The good news about Pilates for your abs is that mat classes can be easy to find and fairly economical. There is also a host of good videos and DVD’s that can teach you the basic principles of Pilates and get you started on a program. Many of the Pilates exercises for abs can be done with basic mat exercises. The key to this program is to focus on quality of movements instead of quantity of repetitions. So instead of 50 sit-ups in a routine, you may only do a dozen repetitions of particular exercises. While it may seem that you are not working these muscles as hard, rest assured that the work you are doing is more precise and hitting deeper muscles than many other exercises you might have tried in the past.

Pilates Equipment for Abs

If you would like to intensify your workout for maximum results, resistance bands or a Pilates ball can add exercises to your regimen to keep it interesting. The Pilates ball specifically will work your abs with Pilates exercises, as well as improve your balance, coordination and concentration. The Pilates ball is a mainstay at most studios and fitness centers, and can be purchased for home use for around $30. It comes in three sizes to accommodate the size of the users.

Pilates bands can add resistance to some of the mat exercises that you might already be doing to intensify the effects of those motions as well. These bands come in two different resistance strengths, and can be purchased for $5- 10. The great thing about the resistance bands is that they are versatile and completely portable, so you can take them with you anywhere to keep up on your workouts.

Besides the improvement you will see in how your abs look, stronger abdominal muscles also provide better support for the lower back. That can mean less aches and pains from lifting, carrying and even sitting in front of your computer. So when do you want to start seeing leaner abs on your own body? Give Pilates for abs a go, and see where the results lead you.

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